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Friday, 30 January 2009

B.S.A. Bantam

1951 D.1. frame..1968-- B.175 motor.
used and thoroughly abused and left un-usable in a.. shed... all alone..
this is how it looked on arrival.

So it was re- born or re-hatched (..bantam.......oh forget it !! )
Work done;-
Engine -
new bearings,
new seals ,
bead blasted ,
cylinder honed,
new rings,
threads repaired,
all new s/s nuts and screws,
welds checked and re-done,
new lugs welded on,
completely de-smeged,
rubbed down,
re painted ..(a rather nice brooklands green),
new head bearings,
new sprung seat made up,
take off the capacitor discharge set-up,..(and throw it away..),
new points,
jap sealed coil fitted,
12v fire alarm gel battery for power ..(I have done a full trial on one battery and there is still loads of power left..!!!!..),
Other bits;-
re-spoked back wheel ,
new tyre,
new alloy bars,
2 " handle bar risers made,
nice soft grips,
all alloy bits polished,
carb re built,
snorkel air intake now fitted,
over the top clutch now made and fitted,
new mudguards,